An avid mouse hunter and player of fluffy balls


Mini Schnauzer

Much Love! Commission from Athens

Kai, the Pomeranian

Kai is very small and likes to sit  in the garden. A very cute fluffy thing.

A3 size canvas


Monty is in charge of the daily routine of the house and enjoys sleeping on sofas. Pigs ears and sausages are his favourites. He also has a much loved squeaky toy called Squarkey and Elkey.


Dottie enjoys eating avocados. In her free time she has also modelled in FHM magazine, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. She is an avid fan of Battersea Dogs Home and her wonderful owner Hillary.

A3 size canvas



This is Neo the Cat

(Destroyer of Tulips)

He likes to nibble on spaghetti and goes mental trying to chase lasers. His favourite food is Brioche from Waitrose.

Neo is also an infinaut at:

A4 size canvas (acrylic)


A much loved cat, who lives in North London and likes to visit people while they sleep.


He gets very excited about new toys and runs after balls. On walks he enjoys splashing in puddles. Sergei is one of Mo's best friends.



Loves walks and lying on his back with his paws in the air. Mo is very happy and loves his owners.

Bob the Goldfish

Brings you good luck and prosperity

3x 8x8 inches canvas (acrylic)

How it works

Pets  are snooby characters, who are  part of the family. They all have different personalities. I like to capture this in  my paintings.

All you need to do is get in touch or send me a few photos of your pet via email: phone: 07904234966.

If you  have a particular deadline , I will try to meet it.

Pet portraits make fabulous timeless presents.

For a Premium you can have your pet painted in different art backgrounds. (Picasso, Dali, Impressionist, Modern, Cubist.. Anything you like).   

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